Mt. Lebanon, Dormont, Castle Shannon, Baldwin Twp and parts of Brookline and Scott

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Meet Dan

Dan was chosen to serve the 42nd in a special election in 2013 and was re-elected in 2014. Dan has prioritized disability and mental health issues, as well as education and public safety. Currently he serves on the Education, Judiciary, Children and Youth, Human Services, and Veteran Affairs and Emergency Services committees.

• Co-Chair of the Subcommittee on Special Education

• Co-Chair of the Disability Caucus

• Minority Secretary of the Judiciary Committee
Full Biography

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  • Elections are held on Election Day, which is conventionally a Thursday. General elections do not have fixed dates, but must be called within five years of the opening of parliament following the last election.

    Other elections are held on fixed dates, though in the case of the devolved assemblies and parliaments early elections can occur in certain situations.